Brett Cook has named round 6 team for this week.

We caught up with Brett Cook and asked about last weekend’s win and Saturday’s upcoming game against the Newtown Jets at Henson Park…

What are your thoughts about last week’s game?

Quite happy. It was a tight one that we got away with it in the end and one we deserved to win. We got out to an early lead 18 nil controlling the game and then the rain started and we got a bit sloppy with the ball and probably handed over to much ball and they got a couple of tries late in the first half both on the fifth tackle. The disappointing thing was we worked hard for 5 of the tackles but then let them score on the fifth with a bit of lazy defence.

In the second half it got into a real dog fight I suppose you could call it where we were going set for set. They scored to get within 2 points then we scored a good try but we missed a lot of opportunities when we could have put them away but they kept hanging in there. In the end they had a lot of ball in on our line and had two field goal shots and it was just a matter of time before I thought they were going to score but our guys just dug in there and defended well.

And they got the penalty in the end

Yeah. They worked hard to get the penalty and it was definitely a strip. They worked hard to get it from one end to the other to be in that position. They were just rewarded I think for just hanging in there. The Roos had a lot more ball then us. They had 38 tackles in our 20 metre line compared to our 13 in theirs.

The standouts for the game… Brendan McKinnon was the ‘Players Player’ and also won the Coaches Award.

I would have put money on Brendan getting it cause I just know the type of bloke he is. The guys like playing with him. They know he puts in 100%. He’s tough.

Luke Kelly was good for us too. He set up the first try with a good bit of vision with a cross field kick and he scored the second try himself.

His goal kicking was good too.

Yeah. He kicked 2 from the side line and that last one under a bit of pressure, so he was good for us as well.

Can you give us an update on Joseph Ualesi’s condition?

He’s all OK. He thought he had to wear a neck brace for 2 weeks because of ligament damage but the MRI was pretty clear as well so it is just a bit of muscular damage so he will only be out for a week or 2.

What do you think we’ll have to do to come away with a win this weekend against the Jets? 

I’m looking forward to this. Newtown will be tough cause they haven’t won a game as yet so the more they lose the closer they are to winning one so we just want to make sure it’s not against us.

It’s their first home game for the season too.

Yeah so they will be primed for a big one and we just need to be up for it. 

Diligent in defence? 

I think we improved on a lot things last week that we spoke about after the Penrith game. We definitely improved on some of our shape 

The attitude seemed to be there, it was different then the week before.

Yeah the attitude was there defensively but we know that we can be even better and we’ve looked at the areas we can be better and everyone agrees. So if we just keep trying to improve each week we’ll be heading the right way.

Hopefully it will be a dry game this weekend too.

Yeah the boys are pretty keen for a dry game. They were talking about the opportunities missed; they reckon they could have been better on a dry track.


They are to play Newtown Jets

Sat, Apr 12, 3:00 PM AEST. Henson Park, Sydenham Road, Marrickville

Round 6 NSW Cup Team:


1. Evander Cummins

2. Vai Toutai

3. Ryan Morgan

4. Api Pewhairaingi

5. Bureta Faraimo

6. Justin Hunt

7. Luke Kelly

26. Taniela Lasalo

9. Brendan McKinnon

10. Daniel Alvaro

11. Danny Howard

12. Joseph Matapuku

13. Lorenzo Ma’afu


14. Liam Foran

15. Brendan Santi

16. Isaac Maliota

17. Ben Jones

18. Tui Kamikamica

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