Chris Yates has named the team for week 1 of the RMCup finals that are to play the Western Suburbs Magpies

Saturday, 3rd September 2016 at Windsor Sporting Complex Rifle Range Road, WINDSOR Kick off is at 3.15pm 

Ron Massey Cup Team

1. Lindon Mcgrady

2. Roydon Gillett

3. Ethan Tangira

4. Nicholas Walker

5. David Sisifa

6. Jack Madden

7. Dylan Izzard

8. Mitchell Stanfield C

13. Blake Cook

10. Andrew Pearn

24. Adrian Ha’angana

12. Daniel Howard

9. Samuel Gorman


14. Zachary Nicholls

15. Matthew Douglas

16. Jack Miller

22. Evan Lee

11. Stephen Howard

17. Josiah Tamasi

18. Jordan Galloway

19. Kamren Cryer

20. Will Roper

25. Mitchell Mamary

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From humble beginnings in 1962, Wenty Leagues has grown far beyond the vision of the 46 Foundation Members.

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