Brett Cook has named his team for this weeks Week one of the Final Series.

We caught up with Brett Cook and asked about last weekend’s loss to the Penrith Panthers and this Saturday’s upcoming game against the Newcastle Knights at Leichhardt Oval…

Firstly… Congratulations on making it into the Finals for the NSW Cup for 2014.

Thanks yeah it’s been a good effort to get there in the end with, at times, not many players available; to make the Semi’s is a good achievement… To get into the top 4 was even better

What are your thoughts about last weekend’s loss to the Panthers?

We played against a very good footy side and we didn’t turn up with a strong enough attitude and mentality to have a tough hard game and made it easy for them. There were some good things that we did but we let tries get scored back to back off of kick offs from other tries and a couple of scrums. We didn’t make them work for what they got.

Who were your standouts from the game?

I think Isaac Maliota, Lionel O’Mally and Daniel Alvaro were probably our best three.

Who was the ‘Players Player’?

Isaac Maliota

Who was the Player of the Week selected by the Coaching Staff (Coaches Award)?

Isaac Maliota

So here we are, Week One of the Final Series and we’re up against the Newcastle Knights at Leichhardt Oval … So where do you think we’ll need to concentrate for this weekend’s game to come away with the win? 

We have to complete our sets and be tougher in defence; Make our tackles. We missed way too many tackles last week so we need to make our tackles and be more aggressive in our line speed and in our contact.

Who do you think are the danger players that we’ll need to watch out for?

They’ve got a real big Forward pack which can also be their downfall. If we hold the ball and make them work they can suffer from being a bit tired in the middle but if we let them have more possession and get a role on then they will be hard to stop and their halves will play off the back of that. Their Fullback, Nathan Ross, as scored a heap of tries so he’ll be dangerous.

They are to play Newcastle Knights

Sat Sept 6, 12:40 PM AEST, Leichhardt Oval, Glover St, Lilyfield NSW 2040 

NSW Cup Team:

1. Justin Hunt

2. Jake Butler-Fleming 

3. Kj MacKenzie

4. Vai Toutai 

5. Cecil MacKenzie

6. Api Pewhairangi

7. Luke Kelly

8. Daniel Alvaro

9. Ben Jones

10. Isaac Maliota

11. Pauli Pauli

12. Lorenzo Ma’afu 

13. Lionel O’Mally


14. Sam Gorman

15. Takai Moeakiola

16. Joseph Ualesi

17. Danny Howard

18. Nick Kassis


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